Advice for severe hearing loss

I am exploring the possibilities of using an open-source hearing aid. I have a severe 98db hearing loss in both ears, due to sensori-neural loss. I grew up using hearing aids actively until I was 35. I do benefit from hearing aids now to a degree, but I’m frustrated with finding HW and SW solutions powerful enough and/or versatile enough to provide some sense of sound. Obviously, most audiologists cannot help me.

How could I get started with a system that I could use with custom ear molds, ear mold receivers (think old style box hearing aids) and receiver-to-hearing aid cord? Where can I find cord and receiver HW?

What is the max decibel gain I could expect and from which model Tympan? I need something with a max gain of 90db or better. I am not familiar with coding or Github.

Hopefully there is someone here with experience in this kind of set up that could give me advice as to whether investing in an open source hearing aid would be feasible for me. Thanks!

I imagine that a lot might depend on the output you choose to use. The tympan is just the chip that processes the sound and adjusts or cleans it up a little. I’m not sure what kinds of hardware you’d need in order to make sounds that are loud enough, but I’m not sure that the chip itself would really impact that. Maybe there’s some nuance in here I’m missing, though.