Arduino tools menu does not match Tympan docs

The menu shown here Getting Started with Tympan Rev E · Tympan/Docs Wiki · GitHub
does not match the menu on the Arduino IDE. I haven’t found a way to take a screenshot of the iDE. but the instructions " * Under Tools menu, select Port and select the Com port paired with the Teensy" do not work. There is no Port in the menu.

Got an updated document? Or some way to take a screenshot of the IDE so I can show you what is there?

Trying again, I found the Port. Don’t know if I did something different, but for one thing, I made sure I had the Tympan devise fully connected and turned on.

So maybe my bad. I might have missed one of the conditions the first couple of times I tried. And now I can see the Port in the menu even witi the Tympan disconnected. It’s just very faintly shown.

Sorry if I wasted your time. I’ll keep trying.

You found the secret…yes, the Tympan needs to be plugged in and turned on. The Arduino environment looks for active devices that are connected to the computer and it will only allow you to select devices that are actively connected. So, good work figuring out how to make it work! :+1: