Changing Bluetooth Device Name on Tympan Rev C

I had a person ask me if I knew how to change the name of the Bluetooth module so that it was easier to identify the Tympan when connecting from their phone/tablet/PC. Man, that’s a great question. Sadly, I don’t have it worked out. But here’s a start…

First, the Bluetooth module on the Tympan Rev C is the RN42. You can change all sorts of settings on the RN42 by giving it simple text commands from the Tympan’s microprocessor (the “Teensy”) or even from your PC over the Bluetooth connection itself. That’s pretty cool.

The text commands that you can give to the RN42 is ts “AT Command Set”. This is documented here:

To change the device name, you’ll need to connect to the bluetooth module and then issue commands something like:


The first command switches the Bluetooth module from data mode to command mode. Now, we can send it commands. The second command sets the name to “MyTympan”. You can choose any name you like (I think that there’s a 20 character limit). Finally, the last command causes the Bluetooth module to reboot, which causes the changes to take effect.

I haven’t tried this and I don’t know if it works. If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out!

EDIT: I got it all to work. I added an example sketch to the Tympan_Library to make it easier for people to try it! The latest Tympan_Library should have it, or you can get it directly from here: