Compile errors on several sketches


As I move past the basic gain code, I’m getting an error of “BOTH_SERIAL” not declared in the scope. Not clear what I’m missing. Would be appreciative of any pointers.

Thanks very much and kind regards,


Hi Robert,

So sorry for those errors!

I had been updating all of the examples to make them conform to the latest style (which gets rid of using BOTH_SERIAL) but I apparently left it in a few spots by accident. My fault!

I’ve now fixed it in the library. So, if you update your Tympan_Library from GitHub, you should get all of the fixes.

I’m still working on all the examples, but I think that I’ve fixed that problem (and some others). Please let me know if you still have difficulty!


HI Chip,

Thank you very much. It seems to be working fine on the files that you have updated. Greatly appreciated.