Downloading from GitHub

Here’s something that I find annoying about GitHub: if you download our repository as a ZIP file, it adds the word “master” to the end of the directory name. Because of this, our library doesn’t work in the Arduino IDE. So, frustrating!

OK, let’s be a little more clear. Here’s the problem…after unzipping your downloaded ZIP file, the directory name is “Tympan_Library-master”. If you blindly copy this directory into your Arduino libraries, none of the Tympan code knows where to find its libraries. It is expecting the libraries to be in a directory called “Tympan_Library”. Because GitHub added “master”, everything breaks! So annoying!

If this happens to you, the solution is to:

  1. Unzip the directory like usual. It has the name “Tympan_Library-master”
  2. Rename the directory to be “Tympan_Library”
  3. Now you can copy it into your Arduino library (on my computer it is at: C:\Users\chip\Documents\Arduino\libraries)

Restart your Arduino IDE and everything should work!

I’ve always disliked this behavior from GitHub. I’m sorry if you’ve been bitten by it.