Help with App Bluetooth


The Amplification and Perception Lab at University of Nebraska, Lincoln has recently purchased the Tympan Rev E and I have been put in charge of learning about it in order to use it for a future study. I followed the instructions on GitHub regarding setup and uploaded the BasicGain_wApp sketch, however I am unable to connect to the app. I have successfully connected the device to our phone, however whenever I attempt to connect to the app, the connection fails. Are there any more sketches to upload to the Tympan to be able to successfully connect to the app? We are using a Samsung Galaxy A50 to run the app.

Thank you,


Hi Joslyn! I believe that after we spoke, the Tympan was able to connect on successive tries. If you are still running into issues, please let us know!

Hi Eric!

I just tried it again, and it was able to connect!