Measuring the Audio Latency

I’ve gotten some questions regarding the latency of the Tympan in processing audio. How long is the delay between analog audio coming out of the device compared to when analog audio went into the device? To answer this question, I did some measurements!

If you’re interested, you can check out my results here:

The quick answer is that the latency is dependent upon the sample rate, the audio block size, and the specific processing algorithm that you’re using. Right now, the best case for the Tympan is a latency of down around 3 msec.

For longer block sizes, or for more complicated algorithms (WDRC are a family of algorithms available in the Tympan \ Examples directory), the latency increases. For hearing aids, latency should be below 14-30 msec. As shown in the figure above, The Tympan can easily achieve that for a wide range of processing parameters.