New to Tympan - Please help

Hi there.

My Wife needs hearing aids and as I’m a geek I was looking around for something cheap instead of thousands of dollars.

Its a bit confusing but as far as I can tell Tympan has sound as an input, does things with it (high/low/amplify/move freqs around) and then outputs its to help with hearing.

What is used for input for the sound? It seems the speaker is on the unit?
What is used to output for the sound?

Can something like IEM’s as the as Sennheiser IE 40 Pro be used? or something BT such as Earpods?

A little confused…

How does Tympan compare to commercial offering? (Ignoring the size part of it)


The Tympan is intended to be a device that allows researchers and enthusiasts to explore real-time audio processing, including audio processing as performed by hearing aids. It is not, however, intended to be used in place of a hearing aid.

For those interested in exploring real-time audio processing, the Tympan does indeed need some kind of microphone(s) and some kind of earphone(s).

For microphones, you could use the small microphones that are built into the device. Or you could plug in an external microphone such as a lapel microphone.

For earphones, the easiest thing to use is a set of earbuds, like for listening to music. Larger headphones would work, too.

For researchers looking for mics and earphones most like a hearing aid, we will soon be offering BTE-style earpieces that will contain a pair of microphones and a RIC speaker. These will not be inexpensive, however, so they might only be appealing to researchers.