Other open Hearing Aid projects

Dear Tympan-Community,

I really like how hearing aid (hardware and software) development is opening up in several ways.
With the aim of connecting communities and joining efforts to build open tools for hearing (aid) research I just wanted to bring two other projects to your attention:

The first is the open Master Hearing Aid (MHA) on http://openMHA.org which is a flexible (C+±based) software platform for building and providing real-time implementations of hearing aid algorithms.

The second one is a Raspberry Pi based mobile prototype of a hearing aid (https://github.com/m-r-s/hearingaid-prototype) which builds on the MHA software, and which grew a lot since I started it as hobby project.

Happy researching :slight_smile:

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Hi Marc,

See also Bat & Cat Corporation which has developed a wearable research device based on OpenMHA: http://batandcat.com/

I have uploaded a video of the hardware here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJlAEyHkXD0



Hi Daniel,

thanks for the video!
It seems that it’s not yet announced on their website, but it looks good :slight_smile:
When will it be available?
Does it already have a price tag?


There’s also UC San Diego’s Open Speech Platform:


Their latest release on github: https://github.com/nihospr01/OpenSpeechPlatform-UCSD

There’s also the folks from Oldenburgh University who make the Open MHA software
They are closely associated with BatAndCat.
Also, there’s a group in UT Dallas working with smartphones

These groups are all operating under the same NIH NIDCD grant that Tympan is under, as well as the folks from UCSD noted above.

Hi @mrs I have no idea about pricing, sorry. My company is a contractor to the OpenMHA partnership, and so we have just one device for driver development and latency tuning. Please contact info@BatAndCat.com for enquiries and see https://batandcat.com/newsdownloads-on-open-platform.html for the latest papers.