Rev D with Bluetooth Headphones?


Just got the Tympan Rev D. How do you set it up to work with Bluetooth headphones/earbuds?. I assumed that this would be a feature, since the bluetooth module supports audio.




Sorry I missed this post earlier. My fault!

There is no special set-up for the Bluetooth module itself. You just need to tell the Tympan to listen to the analog audio being produced by the Bluetooth module.

To command the Tympan to listen to this connection, you need to change which input is selected. The BT audio is connected to the same lines that the “line in” inputs on the female headers on the sides of the board. So, to listen to the BT audio, you select the “LINE IN” input instead of the “MIC JACK” input.

The new (or modified) line of code would look like this:

// for BT audio or for line-in on the headers on the side of the Tympan


Update: I extended the library to make it more clear. Now, if you want, you can use the line: myTympan.inputSelect(TYMPAN_INPUT_BT_AUDIO);



I created an example sketch and pushed it to the Tympan Library.

So, if you update your Tympan_Library repository, it’ll show up in the Arduiono IDE under File->Examples->Tympan_Library->Utility->BluetoothAudio_PassThru

Or, if you prefer a web link, try:

Hopefully this helps!




Great, thanks for the reply! Actually, I wanted to go in the other direction: I want to listen to the Tympan output with Bluetooth earbuds. Is there an equivalent LINE OUT selection to transmit audio? I looked at your Arduino example and it looked like it only played the Bluetooth output



Ah, I see what you’re trying to do. I have never tried to do that, but we can talk about what it might take.

First, yes, you can push audio to the Bluetooth module from the Tympan. The Bluetooth module’s audio inputs are wired to the Tympan’s “line-out”. So, with the correct Tympan settings, the Bluetooth module will have access to the Tympan audio.

The difficult part, IMO, is getting the Tympan to pair with your Bluetooth earbuds. That’s the part that I don’t know how to do. Do you have any experience with this part? Have you ever programmed a Bluetooth module to be the master to a pair of BT earphones?




I’m not a programmer, but I have some arduino experience. I haven’t connected to a module like that, but I’ll see what I can find online. If I have questions about the Tympan side, is there a more direct way I can contact you? You can reach me at michael (dot) biggs (dot) home (at) gmail (dot) com