Rev E LED debug lights decoder?

I am new Tympan, I got the RevE and followed the ‘getting started’ instructions. When I get to the turn it on point, the device blinks green and red on the two top center LEDS instead of the expected solid green on the top LED near the USB connection. What’s it mean?

Hi, My REV E from a year+ ago with the initial passthru code loaded does that… alternates Red-Green. Think it was just to show that capability on first code sketch…
I got a few “Your Pocket Is Blinking” comments going through the security checks in many places (Usual here in Egypt)…

Hi @Darkkow, welcome to the Tympan community!
The red and green blinking LEDs are doing that to show that the unit is working. We don’t use that blinking in other sketches, but sometimes the LEDs can be used to show a process or state. The product page has a picture that identifies the physical features of the Tympan Rev E. The LED that is close to the USB port is controlled by the BC127 radio module, and should be communicating the different states of the Bluetooth connection, etc.

@TerryKing, that is scary-hilarious. You can disable the blinking if you comment out the following line of code in your Arduino sketch:

  myTympan.serviceLEDs(millis());   //defaults to a slow toggle (see Tympan.h and Tympan.cpp)

To comment it out so that the command is not compiled, simply put “//” in front of it, and then upload it to the Tympan.

Similarly, if you want to have the LEDs blink, you can drop that line of code into any loop() to make it work. Have fun!

Thanks gents. I guess I convolved the blinking pattern with an error message. The real challenge is that the device doesn’t show up as a COM port on the computer at the step to turn on the device.

Tympan uses the Teensy 4.1 as it’s brain-box. If you’re having issues making serial connection, please check the notes for your OS on Teensyduino installation page

Thanks, I got it to work by down reving the Arduino to 1.8.16 and Teeny 1.57