Tympan Rev D size reduction


We are working on reducing the PCB size of Tympan Rev D for our requirements, which are hearing aid functionality and Bluetooth audio streaming in a smaller form factor. For this, other than the SD card slot and pin headers for an additional AIC shield, is there a possibility to remove any more components?


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Is it possible to use the onboard ADC/DAC of the Teensy 3.6 instead of the AIC3206?

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Hi KavyaV,

Some folks have done just this. We removed the SD card reader, the audio input jack (sorry if you needed that), the IO pins, and updated the usb port to a usb c. The codec and everything else should all be the same.

I haven’t bought a manufacturing run of the parts yet, but you can find the schematics here with the kicad files you’d need to get the board manufactured.


Nice work Meredith!
I’d be very interested to hear about your success in the production run.

If you need any help or feedback on your design and getting the Teensy to be happy, please don’t hesitate to ask.