Tympan rev D - when available?

great project. When is rev D available?

thanks, James

The Rev D is about to go into production with a 3-4 week lead time.
Announcements coming soon on the Twitter and on this forum.

Hi! It is now May. Is this project still alive? Thanks.

Oh yes, the project is very much alive.
I am finalizing the design of the case. As will most hardware projects these things take more time than expected. We are working with a new manufacturer in Taiwan. I have years of experience with them, but not on the Tympan project. Part of the delay is due diligence and verification of each step as we move forward. In addition to the new Tympan, we are also making a Shield that fits on top to provide a second CODEC. This also adds a bit of time, but we think you’ll like the accessory.

Also, since I’m here, we have good performance results from tests using digital MEMS microphones that are wired to the Tympan. We’ll be providing a shield for that as well very soon.

I don’t think your project needs a fancy case. The 3d print was more than adequate. Extra shields are great but again should that greatly delay the release of rev D it is not necessary. I think you have people waiting, availability asap would be great!

We have Tympan RevD in stock in the store now!