Tympan Rev F Hardware Design

Welcome to the new Tympan Rev F, which will be going into production this winter of 2024.

If you have any questions or comments about the hardware, this thread is the place to start.
Our hardware design and development will be hosted on github in the Tympan Rev F repository.
The major change that we are making is to replace the BC127 BLE radio module because it no longer exists. We decided to use an nRF52840 radio module (MDBT50Q-1MV2). This is the same module that many open-source development boards use, and we will be flashing it with the bootloader used in the Adafruit Feather nRF52840 Express.

This change will mean that we have to develop the firmware for the radio so that it behaves ‘just like’ or at least very close to the behavior of the BC127. That firmware development will also be hosted on github.

One of the things that we will lose by not having the BC127 is the analog audio in/out that it supported.
In the case of the nRF52, there is an opportunity to use digital audio (I2S) connection between the Teensy and the radio. We will be ensuring that the hardware connections are in place, however the audio capability will be on the back burner. That said, if anyone in the community has got the chops to jump in and start work on I2S communication with the nRF52, we would love it! Please let us know if you want to help out!

I will be posting updates to this thread as the development of the hardware and firmware advances.


Good news! Tympan Rev F is now in production!

The estimated ship date from the PCB manufacturer is March 6th. Once I get them into my lab, I will need to do QC and final assembly and testing, not trivial tasks, and the units will be made available in the store as they pass final testing.

You can see the project at Circuit Hub here.