Very new Tympan E user with questions

I got the device charged up, trying what seems to be a built-in audio pass-thru program from the built-in mic to some earbuds that I connected to the black jack. Works fairly well.

Lots of Tympan into, for example Safe Listening Levels , mention a “blue volume knob”. I don’t find it. I see a black dial next to on-off switch, with a a white dial? 2 switches? behind it.

The black dial doesn’t change the volume very much. I haven’t tried the white thing behind it yet.

I assume these are device appearance changes since for example Getting Started with Tympan · Tympan/Docs Wiki · GitHub was published.

Any newer instructions for volume settings? Or physical appearance?


The Tympan is programmed with a very basic example sketch, AudioPassThru.ino. This sketch does not use the dial to adjust volume. It is just a straight pass through from the on-board mics to the speaker outputs. The most basic example sketch that uses the dial as a volume knob is BasicGain.ino. Bear in mind that as far as the Tympan is concerned, the dial potentiometer can be used to adjust almost any variable. Sure, volume is the most obvious, but sometimes we use it for controlling other things.

Yes, the ‘volume knob’ is the black dial next to the power switch. There is a diagram of the Tympan features and breakout pins on the product page.

And yes, we are in the process of updating our getting started wiki tutorials with references to the Rev E. We thank you for your patience, as this project is in many ways a labor of love.

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Don’t worry, I got a lot of patience… But thanks for quick response.

Followup question: all of this equipment is already included in the Tympan Rev E that recently appeared in my mailbox. Right? Including the Teensy 4.1 Processor?

I recently downloaded TeensyduinoInstall.linux64 and 00-teensy.rules . Apparently I won’t need the teensy install stuff. But how about the 00-teensy.rules which I already installed?

Yes, the Tympan Rev E is basically a daughter card for Teensy 4.1. It’s all soldered together in the enclosure with a 2000mAh battery.

Not sure about the toolchaing for linux though…

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