What is running the DSP? The Teensy or Tympan Board?


I am working on an adaptation of this project, however I am generally unskilled in this area so please correct me if any of my interpretations are incorrect:

I am trying to find a hearing aid algorithm code to adapt for use as a voice amplification device, since I want to apply the same principles. Most hearing aid research I found relies on two microphones that are then processed so the “far field” microphone cancels out the signal and excess noise from the “near field” microphone signal. These algorithms also tend to deal with acoustic feedback cancellation since the microphones are located close to the loudspeaker in the user’s ear. I want to use this same principle to project a user’s voice outward to amplify speech as opposed to projecting into their ear.

So basically my question is if any of the algorithms can be processed in just the Teensyduino IDE? or is it reliant on the Tympan Board & Library.

Please let me know! This is some great work and it would be really cool if I could find another application


Hi Tyler,

The algorithm (code) is being run on the Tympan board once you program it, and any programming you are doing is code that is either in the Teensyduino IDE or in the Tympan library. Your code is then compiled by the Teensyduino IDE, and then ‘sent’ to the Tympan board, where it runs. Does that make sense?