Whats on the roadplan

Two questions for the development team please. Firstly, what is the development road plan for Tympan – I notice the designs have been stable for a while – what’s in the pipeline?

Secondly what is the sound quality like. Accepting that Tympan is a development system how does it compare to commercial hearing aids. In other words, apart from the aesthetics what’s missing.

Those are great questions! What would you like to see in the next generation Tympan? What have you used it for in the past?

Tympan Rev-E (600MHz)
With the release of the Tympan Rev-E, the processing power now hits 600Mhz, allowing the Tympan do do multiband compression algorithms in real time, for front/rear microphones, in stereo (with the earpiece shield)! This is thanks to the Teensy 4.1 core. To accompany this, we’ve released several new libraries–some exploring new features and others filling in gaps to bring new users up to speed.

Tympan Mobile App
We’ve launched a mobile app (TympanRemote), that you can program the layout of using Arduino code. Need a button? Just add it to your Arduino code and send the desired layout of the app via Bluetooth to your phone. (Also on Apple Phones). Getting started guide here.

BTE Earpieces
Soon, we will receive our first short production of BTE earpieces that feature a Knowles PDM mic and a RIC used in commercial hearing aids. We’ve been working with a bunch of skilled folks in hearing, from UNL, BoysTown National Research Hospital, and Purdue to qualify the Tympan and earpiece using a Verifit Hearing Aid Test Box, as well as human subjects with binaural hearing loss. The tests look promising.

Project Examples
And we just concluded a design challenge launched at the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), where (10) projects were given Tympan hardware to integrate into their research. I was quite impressed at the range of topics. Here’s a quick glimpse… check out the presentations here.

Phew!!! Personally, I would love to see the Tympan in the hands of undergrad and graduate students to provide an open-access tool for learning about audio processing.