Wireless transmission


I want to send audio inputs to tympan wireless, using ESP8266 WiFi module. Is this feasible? Are there any work done in this area? Please redirect me to those work.


I have never tried to integrate the ESP8266 with the Tympan.

If you are attempting a digital connection for the audio transfer between the ESP8266 and the Teensy 3.6 (which is the heart of the Tympan), I’m not sure what the best path is. You can try using the UART serial ports of the Teensy, but I’m not sure that the data rate will be fast enough…

If you can somehow get analog audio out of the ESP8266, you can inject it into the Tympan via the Tympan’s line-in connections. There are through-holes on the side of the Tympan board to ease the wiring.


Thank you for your reply.
I will try using UART.
I came across this adafruit audio FX sound board https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-audio-fx-sound-board/overview. It has 2M of flash and sound files can be stored. Its outupt can be given to 8 ohn / 4 ohm speaker which is analog. Can this be connected to teensy 3.6 and further processing be done?

Yes, I would guess that you could connect the analog output of the adafruit board into the microphone input jack (the pink one) on the Tympan or you could connect to the line-input through-holes on the side of the Tympan.

For either connection, you’d set the Tympan for line-input (ie, no mic bias) and you’d keep the input gain turned down to a modest level (0 dB, or maybe even lower) so that you avoid having the adafruit board’s output overdrive the Tympan’s input.

Sounds like fun!